Steve Roach – Shadow of Time

Steve Roach - Shadow of Time

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Steve Roach – Shadow of Time
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2016

The aural musings making up “Shadow of Time” mark another return to Roach’s style heard on his classic recordings “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music”. We’re talking about expansive and minimal sound worlds of breathing atmospherics and zen-like immersion spaces, all unfolding slowly. These most subtle and warm synth waves keep washing ashore before drifting away into the far distance.

These are time-suspending spaces and visionary-meditative sonic landscapes evoking senses of grace and compassion while calming down the mind, making these immersive- atmospheric and gentle-spiraling zonetapestries perfect companions for late night listening and times of repose.

Still, and maybe I’m nostalgic, but despite being rendered well, “Shadow of Time” is no competition to the haunting and intrinsic quality found on Steve’s earlier meditative releases.

P.S. On the download version of “Shadow of Time”, the second track “Night Ascends” is extended to 78 minutes (which is far too long in my opinion), bringing the total length of the album to over two hours.


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