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Steve Roach - Sigh of Ages

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Steve Roach – Sigh of Ages
CD, Projekt Records, 2010

With “Sigh of Ages”, ambient master Steve Roach brings us a grand and highly reflective work or art, a soft dweller into spacious textural realms. To compose the music, Steve once more returned to some beautiful analogue synthesizers, which included the classic 40-year-old Arp String Ensemble.

The six lengthy soundscape pieces form a continuous arc of dynamic flowing gentle currents and streams. It fascinating to hear it meander through a free form landscape as its blends modern minimalism and melodic electronic/ambient as it gradually unfolds track after track.

Especially “Morning of Ages” stands out with a more pronounced, haunting layering of symphonic sound. Most of all, the music is an emotional ride reflecting upon the passage of time, life lived, lives passed and a time of renewal, all expressed in harmony and softly curling melodic lines.

All in all, “Sigh of Ages” is a true and honest ambient journey with a constant beautiful yearning underneath the majestic textural layers. It’s a metaphor to make every moment of life count and last for the fullest.

Undeniably, this is one of Roach’s most personal sound trips to date meant for deep listening, a “moving testament to temporal nature and the unspoken subtle currents of life itself”.
Highly recommended.


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