Steve Roach – Spiral Revelation

Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation

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Steve Roach – Spiral Revelation
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2016

Since a couple of years I’ve found it very hard and too demanding to keep up with the high speed of Steve’s releases. Besides serious time constraints to investigate them properly, also the quality of some I listened to didn’t appear as solid and captivating anymore.

“Spiral Revelation” is a continuous ambient journey of fluid, interlocking yet pulsating sequencer patterns and assorted sample food merged with soothing soundscape tapestries, though the thought of a rehash of previous released material crossed my mind as well. Some groovy crispiness passes by on “We Continue” and “Primary Phase”. The latter and “A Righteous Thing” prove rather superficial to my ears, while the peculiar title track displays a too uniform, cyclic shape and distinct dreariness making it a weary 20-minute listen.

It’s unfortunate, but only the first three pieces of the 63-minute “Spiral Revelation” are decent and compelling (deserving 3½ stars), making up 26 minutes of ambient worth investigating.


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