Steve Roach – Structures from Silence (30th Anniversary 3-CD)

Steve Roach - Structures from Silence (30th Anniversary 3-CD)

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Steve Roach – Structures from Silence (30th Anniversary 3-CD)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

Like the Roach-album “Quiet Music”, “Structures from Silence” is a classic for any listener who wants to submerge in a world of synthetic velvet waves and meditative textures. Fans though might recall Projekt Records already re-released the original album in remastered form in 2001 with a different cover.

This 30th anniversary edition of the album has been extended by four lengthy pieces (offering over two hours of additional music) which Steve composed in his Tuscon-studio more recently. Overall, they all fit in the same sonic roster, although the flowing pieces found on the second disc (“Suspension” and “Reflection”) take on a far more cosmic curve, bringing the harmonic spaces to mind that one also encounters in e.g. the Immersion-series. The two vast, soft shimmering pieces on the third disc head for the deeper end of things.

The set of new contemporary free form pieces reaches out to the core of harmony once again, as they attempt to grab and incorporate the same sense of essence, tranquility and reflection in an ongoing current of slow morphing sonic curves. Although Steve did his best, I think the original still is the real deal, expressing the sincere feel of longing and melancholy at best.

As all on this mammoth-release comes in silent, overall harmonious waves, it is recommended for meditative purposes, inner travelling and non-distracting background sphere.


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