Steve Roach – The Delicate Forever

Steve Roach - The Delicate Forever

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Steve Roach – The Delicate Forever
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

Composing ambient music depicting a desert environment is one of the specialties fitting under the belt of Steve Roach for many years. For “The Delicate Forever”, Roach used analogue equipment primarily in sculpturing the tranquil 74-minute/five track sound meditations.

This gently morphing, smooth spiraling current of etheric textures and ambient-atmospherics is an introspective dwelling with occasional slightly ghostly/surreal nods. It’s as if the listener is experiencing an ongoing fata morgana while stumbling through a remote, sandy heatwave.

Although the soaring, almost 25-minute title track found at the start seemed ok at first, the flow eventually proved a bit too uniform to my taste. Things shift for the better on “The Well Spring”, where the smooth sparkle is lit well. Sonically, the swirling “Where the Mystery Sleeps” turns out a tad less expressive again but the ambient current finds it way up again on the morphing, hallucinating waves of “Perfect Sky”. The gentle and deep atmospherics of “HearAfter” make up the tasteful conclusion of the free form ride, floating along in an infinite state of being.
All in all, I rate “The Delicate Forever” between 3 and 3,5 stars.

The first 300 copies of the album will include a free bonus limited-edition cd, “The Delicate Beyond”, which features a 74-minute extended mix of the title track. In mid-August, it will become available digitally as well.

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