Steve Rose – Twin Earth: Collected Ambient Works

Steve Rose - Twin Earth: Collected Ambient Works

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Steve Rose – Twin Earth: Collected Ambient Works
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

“Twin Earth: Collected Ambient Works” is a 62-minute compilation of lush ambient/space tracks by Canadian musician Steve (Austin) Rose, with pieces dating back to 1994.

The release offers seven smooth, unhurried soundscape pieces made with synths and ambient guitar treatments. Melody plays a minor role, it’s more about the imaginary power and the spacious realms what seems to count here.

“Guitar Abstraction 3 – Cumulus” kicks things off nicely with the expansive, immersive atmospheres, a gentle dweller into nothingness. There’s an elevating effect present in the 15-minute smoothly meandering “Emergent Properties” next to a certain dreamy element, which makes the outcome come close to Eno/Budd music.

Darker textures and a repetitive rhythm dominate the cinematic “The Haunted” to an almost hypnotizing effect, while things end up overall pastoral, melancholic and quietly yearning on “What could be”, which vaguely reminded me of TD’s Exit. The bubbling sounds effect and fluid, velvet textures on “TMR-1C” create a inner world of tranquility of its own.

This serene mind-set continues on the title track, which features some soft wavering soundscapes and piano, before the gentle, overall relaxing ambient guitar treatments of “Guitar Abstraction 1 – Frozen” nicely round out the album.

All in all, Mr Rose does a fine job on “Twin Earth: Collected Ambient Works”.



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