Surface 10 – Borrowed Time 2000

Surface 10 - Borrowed Time 2000

Release data:

Surface 10 – Borrowed Time 2000
CD-R, Space for Music, 2004

“Borrowed Time 2000” is a compilation of unreleased pieces spanning the period 1994-1999. As the press-sheet explains, these tracks were originally intended for the first Surface 10 cd on Hypnotic Records in 1996, which unfortunately never happened.

The music has a more vintage sound which especially reminds of TD in the more rhythmic tracks and of soundsculpters such as Roach and alike in the more quiet, textural outings.

Dean states that the album (like his album “A Lone Reply”) is “an outcry of longing for timelessness”, which I personally felt the deepest in tracks like “And so these sounds…” or “When you…find the time”.

As a counterpart, there are some rhythmic excursions like the slow but steady moving and building “Preternatural Heart” or the straightforward “Ion Strays”.
This all makes the album quite versatile to listen to.



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