Syn – Valles Marineris

Syn - Valles Marineris

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Syn – Valles Marineris
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Cosmic music in the tradition of the ‘70’s German/Berlin style has seen many followers and faces. Syn, aka synthesist David T. Dewdney, gives things a go in a very engaging and evocative manner on “Valles “Marineris”.

It already starts out tasty with the atmospheric title track (which appeared previously on the Syn-album “Cydonia” (Mars) blending vintage pads with a brief sequencer section.
The brief “Barsoom” is next, displaying a warm bed of soft wavering textures. A more energetic approach is found on “t.b.l. – v”, where wavering electric guitar accompanies Syn’s mellotron playing.

The album rounds out pleasantly with the 20-minute “Viking mission – iii”. A smooth bouncing rhythm and sequence lead the way from the start as Mr Dewdney adds lush solo voices and spacious synth work, all fitting in the old School synth style. Halfway though, these are replaced by quiet cosmic washes and drifting stuff as we are pulled further into mysterious galactic environs. All in all, Mr Dewdney did a fine job.


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