Synthex – Mirrorland

Synthex - Mirrorland

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Synthex – Mirrorland
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2013

In my opinion, it was just a matter of time before this youngster would come up with his first mature, factory-pressed release, having heard his remarkable first steps that made up “Pythagoras”.

“Mirrorland” contains 55 minutes of highly accessible melodic music, which is joyfull, warm, uplifting and dreamy. Jeffrey Haster shows he has a great ear and a knack for soft soaring melodic lines, mesmerizing soundscapes, spacy sound effects and accompanying sequencers. At the same time, his cosmic music (for which he received valuable help and assistance from Gert Emmens, Frank Dorittke and Ron Boots) doesn’t hide the many influences from professionals such as Jarre, Garrison along the the German league of electronic bands and musicians.

In the middle of the eight compositions we find the free form “Into the Unknown”, a collage of spherics. Something similar is found on the airy, lush intro of the strong “Time Windows”, followed by a style shifting back to the exciting early days of Eric van der Heijden, Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis from the Eindhovense School, but transported to the possibilities of today. The album finishes in a rhythmic manner, blending Jarre’s style with highly melodic output.
Another very nice effort, Jeffrey!


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