Tangerine Dream – Views from a Red Train

Tangerine Dream - Views from a Red Train

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Tangerine Dream – Views from a Red Train
CD, Eastgate, 2008

It seems “Views from a Red Train” has been announced for a couple of years as a solo-album of Edgar Froese, but now has seen the light of day under the Tangerine Dream moniker, seeing Edgar play with some faithful musical compagnons.

After years of rather mediocre output, the ten tasty tracks on this album sees a welcome return to a more rock-oriented and thoroughly composed style, most of all containing the classic sound of the band.
The multi-layered sequencing and synthpads, the melancholic vocal textures and well-dosed rhythm sections, it all comes together here very nicely.

One of the highlights found here is the groovy and energizing Peter Gunn-like “Leviathan” with some fierce guitar solos and riffs hovering over the thumping rhythm, although the more hold-back closing track “Sound of a Shell” is a great emotional momentum as well.
Nice going, Mr Froese!

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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