Telomere – Astral Currents

Telomere - Astral Currents

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Telomere – Astral Currents
CD, Evenfall, 1998

Well, well, here we have a cd which features some music which is perfectly in line with those made some years ago in the classic tradition of spacemusic.
The musician behind Telomere is one Christopher John Macdonald, who’s “Astral Currents” is his first release.

Christopher owns a nice piece of electronic gear, the Serge Modular synthesizer (also called “The Mighty Serge” by fellow space-travellers Kevin Braheny and Michael Stearns), and therefore a great sound is already guaranteed.

And yes, the listener isn’t disappointed at all. Telomere composes beautiful space music with great expanding sound textures that starts off with “Departure”, and before you know it, you drift somewhere out there in space, voyaging along in your private spaceship toward stars, planets, and towards what may be behind all that to discover.

There are enough mysterious angles, bits and details to be heard on this ongoing non-rhythmic journey, which is very nicely produced and of splendid sound quality throughout. Some nice atmospheres are encountered when enjoying this music, as we enter both deeper & lighter regions/aspects of our cosmos.

For those who like the first cds of Jonn Serrie or are still clinged towards Michael Stearns “Planetary Unfolding” should absolutely buy this one.

In addition, this would be a great companion to a cosmic IMAX-film or planetarium show.
I only wished the cd lasted longer than the featured 42 minutes, as I think this is too short according to nowadays standards.


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