The Circular Ruins – Empathy Test

The Circular Ruins - Empathy Test

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The Circular Ruins – Empathy Test
CD, DataBloem, 2003

I’m not that familiar with the music of Anthony Paul Kerby, aka The Circular Ruins, although I’ve heard his album “Confluence”.

In a different way than usual, his organic-flavoured ambient creations on “Empathy Test” (containing works from late 2002 and 2003) are a slow drift, but one accompanied by various organic elements, voice samples, rhythm, clicks and sometimes even sounds of insects, birds, etc.

Lighter, but rather clouded drone-textures shift on and on, but don’t expect this to be easy music when I say that some faint traces of melody can be discerned.

Next to repetitive, hypnotising microstructures, this music is a kind of chilled ambience which isn’t my cup of tea.
On the other hand, I’m sure hardcore ambient fans will certainly find a lot of their liking when they have a careful listen to “Empathy Test” as a whole.



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