The Grey Encounter – Dark Matter

The Grey Encounter - Dark Matter

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The Grey Encounter – Dark Matter
CD-R, EEMC, 2012

The Grey Encounter is a collaborative effort by UK synthesists Phil Booth and Xan Alexander, whose 61-minute “Dark Matter” is their debut release. If you love well-rendered spherical electronics and ambient, the two extended tracks of 32 and 28 minutes do the job most satisfactory.

The duo has assembled very nice textural, slow morphing soundscapes without any rhythmic component, accompanied by lots of tasty sound effects and synth washes along a dash of classic Berliner School. Some soft/melodic string sections found in the second half of “Velocity Dispersion” remind a bit of Schulze’s cinematic style heard at the end of the ’70’s.

“Quatum Gravity” starts out more abstract, and gradually guides the listener through a shaded, adventurous landscape where lots of mysterious elements are at play. Overall, the music of “Dark Matter” works even bettter when absorbed with headphones.
Chapeau, gentlemen!



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