The Icarus Kid – The Icarus Kid

The Icarus Kid - The Icarus Kid

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The Icarus Kid – The Icarus Kid
CD, Electrowookie Records, 2010

The Icarus Kid is an electronic dance music act initiated by Seattle-based musician Dan Crowdus, who cites his major musical influence has been Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the Final Fantasy video game series.

The live electronic music project The Icarus Project actually brings the classic sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the dance floor, combining remixes of classic Nintendo games with keyboard wizardry and subtle symphonic orchestration.

The album contains 13 compositions of video game remixes with lots of bleeps and effect sounds as could be expected. Once in a while, there’s a certain Kraftwerkian effect shining through the up-beat, overall groovy but at times also a bit static sounding tracks.

In my opinion, the rich sounding “Muramasa” is one of the better pieces, bringing the mid ’70 sound of Kraftwerk to mind. I also like the short “Fast Asleep”, which nicely digs the realm of neoclassical symphonic music, next “Panic”, which fortunately doesn’t sound too hectic and in your face.

By sampling and remixing some themes and melodies of NES games, The Icarus Kid offers cheerful and uncomplicated melodic dance music mirroring the adventures and excitement going on within the video-game console.



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