The Lonely Bell – The Lonely Bell

The Lonely Bell - The Lonely Bell

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The Lonely Bell – The Lonely Bell
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release, 2015

The Lonely Bell is an isolation ambient project initiated by Scottish/Isle Of Lewis-based musician Ali Murray, merging elements of post-rock and shoegazer in the 30-minute instrumental outcome.

Dense, minimalist and dark-atmospheric drone tapestries make up the opening title piece, in which the sound of chimes can be heard in the background while the undercurrent of remoteness flows on. “Winter Curse” is an 8-minute outing of atmospheric sounds and slow-hand guitar in which the weariness shines through, while the short “Withdrawal” features just sustained guitar-experimentation. “Frozen in Memory” has a certain mellow touch at first glance, but soon heavy distortion sounds knock this down while staying in the sound spectrum prominently for about 8 minutes.

All in all, the whole outcome feels meager and too abstract to trigger my enthusiasm.



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