Thom Brennan – Signals in Moonlight

Thom Brennan - Signals in Moonlight

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Thom Brennan – Signals in Moonlight
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Raingarden Music, 2003

It took well-respected ambient musician Thom Brennan quite some time to solve some troubles regarding the album “Signals in Moonlight” and the distribution of it after its actual release.

Nevertheless, the album, composed and performed in 2002 at his Seattle-based Raingarden studio, is another gem in his growing list of atmospheric recordings. The album features nine tracks (70+ minutes) full of splendour and pure beauty, following in the footsteps of his music often described as excursions in liquid velvet.

Next to some lush sequencer patterns we encounter lots of transparent, smooth lingering soundfields which cascade and shimmer on and on.
Brennan’s progressive, highly visual style of composition is reflected in tracks dedicated to nature (“Emeralds in Water”, “The Fog Unveils”) but is also applicable to tracks on San Francisco and Seattle.

Thom Brennan’s hypnotizing, gradually evolving music remains something special in nowadays ambient music. So if you’re looking for some lovely sound paintings that will ease your mind, make sure to check out this album.


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