Thom Brennan – Stories from the Forest

Thom Brennan - Stories from the Forest

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Thom Brennan – Stories from the Forest
CD, TMB Soundworks, 2008

“Stories from the Forest”, is the long awaited tenth release of Thom Brennan, which was delayed as material was not hitting the mark Thom had envisioned.

As was the case on his previous albums, the music is inspired by the living biomass that makes up the old growth forests round Thom’s home at the American Pacific Northwest. For this album, Thom also decided to abandon –at least for now- the on demand digital publishing, in favour of a traditional manufactured cd.

“Stories from the forest”, divided in 11 distinct “parts” built on a recurring theme, is meant as one single piece of uninterrupted music, which is described by Mr Brennan as probably his most “textured” work, as he spent a lot of time developing a new ensemble of synthesized sounds for it. “There is a bit more edge to the timbres, perhaps a result of being in Seattle for the last decade. It may also be my most melodic material in a very long time.”

The 72 minutes of music sounds cinematic, but is far more active and pronounced compared to the more quiet sonic output on previous albums, as Thom fuses soft lingering piano and distorted guitar sounds with repetitive sequencer patterns and electronic textures.

This enthralling but less ethereal album indeed has been worth the wait and is an absolute must-have for fans of his magic music.


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