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Thought Guild - Continuum

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Thought Guild – Continuum
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance, 2005

“Continuum” is the second cd from Gregory Kyryluk (also known as Alpha Wave Movement) and his companion Christopher Cameron. On their debut album “Context” the duo already handled their analogue and digital synthesizers in an inventive manner.

The result on “Continuum” turns out even better, offering 56 minutes of classic but fresh sounding electronic music. The nine tracks are filled with great melodic layers of sound, sparkling analogue sequencing and nice effects, although it must be said the longer tracks come on much stronger than the shorter ones.

“Gentle Atoms” e.g. is an excellent opener which vaguely reminds of the work of Baffo Banfi. On “Solus”, where the duo is joined by a guest musician on e-bow guitar, things get dynamic with some massive drum patterns and sequencing.

This dynamic impact also applies to “Empathic Implant” which features some heavy drums.
In all, the very well produced music of Thought Guild is very attractive and accessible, deserving both thumbs up!


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