Thought Guild – Third Voyage

Thought Guild - Third Voyage

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Thought Guild – Third Voyage
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2012/2015

Thought Guild’s third and final album “Third Voyage” is handmade and packaged in beautiful “retro” 5.25 floppy discs, all hand numbered with a limited edition of only 50 copies.
It’s sad though this is the last recording of this dynamic and creative duo, as the 52-minutes of cosmic music, mainly based around improvisation and use of vintage synthesizers, reaches new heights and depts here.

Despite a slight nod toward the Berliner School style, the duo has created its own inspired and spacious universe during the years, that reaches its peak with the sonic delights and warm environments embedded in the eights tracks that make up “Third Yoyage”. There’s a pleasant freshness and joy found in their music (mostly due to the highly improvised approach), that features transparent textures but almost no rhythms and sequences.

A special mention on the moody, highly celestial “Last train to Lyon” and the immersive “Moon Blossom Meditation”, both four minutes of smooth soaring bliss in a nutshell.
All in all, “Third Voyage” makes an excellent recording in honor of Christopher Cameron’s memory and an absolute must-have.

Please note the strictly limited physical release of “Third Voyage” is only being sold from the Harmonic Resonance Recordings website. A digital download is available through iTunes.

Update February 2015: a digital re-release of the album saw the light of day containing the additional archival track “Ki”. It´s an all improvised track much like all the other Thought Guild music and carries an air of spontaneity whilst channeling the vibes and feel of that “vintage” 1970s/80 style of synthesizer music drawn from the European and domestic well of music inspiration.


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