Three-Six (36) – Lithea

Three-Six (36) - Lithea

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Three-Six (36) – Lithea
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Records, 2012

“Lithea” is the third and final part of the triptych that 36 (aka UK-based ambient/experimental composer Dennis Huddleston) kicked-off with “Hypersona” and “Hollow” previously.

The 77-minute album is an intense ambient journey, creating warm and profound emotive textural landscapes based on extensive, yet melodic loops and choir pads. It’s typical headphone music displaying a large array of emotions while submerging into unknown dimensions and depths.

Next to a transparent and at times slightly distorted sound design, “Lithea” offers many sublayers, organic undercurrents and fragments of white noise while spheres of melancholy along a distinct sense of comfortable desolation pass by.

Especially “Cocoon” (previously released on a 7″ EP), “Reunion” and “1983” touched me deeply, as did the introspective “Dreamscape” and “Levitate”. The last track, the 10-minute immersive “Another World”, puts the icing on the cake as you transcedent into a new stage of being, letting go of time and space.

“Lithea’s” atmospheric beauty is able to create intrinsic silence and space in a fascinating, unpredictable sense, tapping into deeper and moodier realms than before.
The factory-pressed cd edition (limited to 200 copies) will be gone by now, but the music is still available as HQ-download.


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