Three-Six (36) – Seconds & Forever

Three-Six (36) - Seconds & Forever

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Three-Six (36) – Seconds & Forever
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Recordings/Mystic & Quantum Records, 2016

“Seconds & Forever”, part-influenced by the late 70’s Tangerine Dream style lp’s, features two 18-minute pieces. Sonically a cross between the 36-releases “Sine Dust” and “Void Dance”, both tracks offer multiple textural movements of velvet, beautiful meandering and evolving kind.

As Dennis Huddleston (aka 36) was creating the outcome he imagined someone at the end of their life, looking back on the choices they made, and understanding how key moments shaped them into the person they ultimately became.

The sedate waves of emotive, slightly symphonic-oriented and blurred soundscapes indeed captures and reflects this very well, leaving a trail of soft glistening particles, grace occasionally along a sense of fulfillment at the end of each aural excursion. The second part is especially vibrant and hypnotizing with an enchanting current of melancholy shining through the mellow notes.
Well Dennis, you’ve outdone yourself another time…


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