Three-Six (36) – Tomorrow’s Explorers

Three-Six (36) - Tomorrow's Explorers

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Three-Six (36) – Tomorrow’s Explorers
EP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Recordings, 2017

The four-track “Tomorrow’s Explorers”, the follow-up to 36’s 2015 Ep “Sine Dust”, again draws inspiration from the endless themes of space while giving a beautiful free form ambient voice to its overwhelming, intriguing expansiveness and splendor.

This time around the enveloping, gentle morphing walls of sound of synths and pads are enriched by heavy string-based sections. With these, composer Dennis Huddleston adds a distinct pastoral and neo-classical/symphonic feel to the set of floating ambient soundscapes. Infinity, wonder, majesty and remoteness, it’s all in there but not as profound and expressive as in the luscious 13-minute title track.

The digital edition of “Tomorrow’s Explorers” includes three bonus tracks: longform pure-ambient versions of the first three pieces “Poekhali”, “Black Horizon” and “Orphans of the Sky”.


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