Tim Story – Glass Green

Tim Story - Glass Green

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Tim Story – Glass Green
LP/CD/MC, Windham Hill Records, 1987

Painter of introspective sonic miniatures is a description that fits well to American composer Tim Story. The mood and feel of “Glass Green”, presenting a lovely interplay of piano ands warm synths, is a fine companion for quiet, reflective and thoughtful times featuring ten instrumental musings displaying rays of pastel colors in a most gentle manner.

Feelings of nostalgia and intimacy seem to shine through the veins and slumber underneath each composition, blooming profoundly on “Reading those Letters” and “The Lure of Silence”. These two emotive pieces alone created 10 pleasing minutes of calmness and meditation. As such, “Glass Green” makes a fine work of impressionist ambient poetry.

Website: www.timstory.com

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