Tomasz Zawadzinski – Saved as

Tomasz Zawadzinski - Saved as

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Tomasz Zawadzinski – Saved as
CD, Generator.Pl, 2009

The music which is presented by Polish musician on his album “Saved As” is a musical painting that in its own way pays tribute to the sounds of classic Berliner School, and especially Tangerine Dream’s late ’70’s and early ’80’s years.

The inviting opening track “The Search”, composed is 2004, adapts the sounds TD displayed on “Exit” with its smooth synth textures, rhythms and lush sequencing.
Next is “Millions of Stars” with twinking, unhurried sequencing, followed by the slow lane of vintage sonics (which have a touch of Spyra) put down in the 11-minute “Analogue Pulses”.

Things are nicely set into motion on “Another World”, after which the varied spatial sequenced “Beats & Pads” gradually shifts in even higher gear while dwelling in “Exit”-realms.
Although the title may suggest otherwise, “Electronic Bossanova” is not that different from the other tracks, or it would be the more extensive soloing. “Rhythmic Waves”, a piece dating from 2000, closes the album with a repetitive sequencer theme over which warm, spacious synth pads hover nicely.


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