Twofish – Zero Crossing

Twofish - Zero Crossing

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Twofish – Zero Crossing
CD-R, Twofish Music, 2014

It’s again time for something out of the ordinary. The cover-design of this album might make you think “Zero Crossing” is a release by Mr Boddy’s DiN-label, but it’s not.

Twofish, formed in 2000, is a UK intelligent ambient techno trio consisting of Charlie Humble, guitarist and chief synth fetishist Harry Richardson and Mark Chitty. In their techno-oriented progressive electronic music they do make heavy use of modular synths (esp. the Synthtech MOTM modular – this is really the heart of the current set-up and the synth they use the most) and there is a bit of a Berlin school influence there.

The excellent sounding “Zero Crossing” offers the outcome of 14+ years of working together, but now properly mixed and mastered. The eclectic and innovative outcome offers lots of groovy bass lines and sampled sounds, all counterpointed by vocal patches, percussion, organic sidekicks and a raw, unpolished edge.

The overall quirky, adventurous and occasionally even funky outcome makes it kind of hard to pin-down a style or specify whom this stuff might suit. So make sure you have an open mind if you decide to give the “Zero Crossing” a go.



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