Ulrich Schnauss – Quicksand Memory

Ulrich Schnauss - Quicksand Memory

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Ulrich Schnauss – Quicksand Memory
EP, Independiente Music/Domino, 2007

By whatever reason I seem to have missed this EP of Mr Schnauss when it came out, but I’m happy it came on my way after all.

“Quicksand Memory” features progressive instrumental music that puts regular electronics normally discussed here in the corner, hitting the shoegazer-button on the first two pieces. Moreover, one must appreciate guitar-driven music as the four-track EP opens quite massively with the rock-ballad “Look at the Sky”, while the noise of dissonant chords carries on on the edit-version of “Medusa” (from the “Goodbye”-album).

The real deal is brought to the listener by the last two pieces (“Gone Forever” and “On my Own”). Both received a special treatment by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins-fame, which gave them both wings into dreamy, textural but upbeat realms. Guthrie’s spacious and uplifting version of “On my Own” is the highlight though, emphasising and extending on what makes Ulrich’s music so special.

“Quicksand Memory” is something different and rather non-EM, but a tasty one.

Website: www.ulrich-schnauss.com

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