Valley Forge – Live and Session Tapes

Valley Forge - Live and Session Tapes

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Valley Forge – Live and Session Tapes
CD-R, Syngate, 2005

On this album, Valley Forge is Thomas Bechholds, Michael Seitz, Jurgen Winter accompanied by guest musician Bernd Kistemann.

Although the title might suggest something else, “Live and Session Tapes” is not an album filled with leftovers. It captures various tracks from the “Leaving to nothing” concerts and studio tapes from the band.

Most of the tracks are indeed live-takes, of which it’s a pity they are separated by a short blank spot at the start of each new track. Overall, the music is melodic and full of atmosphere, and, at times it even has a progressive rock-like outburst.
The album closes with a quiet, soundtrack like piece featuring marimba’s and light synthesizer textures.

This is another strong effort next to their album “Leaving to Nothing”, so make sure you grab your copy.



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