Vanderson – Vandisphere

Vanderson - Vandisphere

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Vanderson – Vandisphere
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2016

Vanderson belongs to the league of musicians delivering attractive and accessible electronic music. The outcome of “Vandisphere” (awful title by the way) is no exception, this time though sounding more easy-going, contemporary and groovier than before.

Deep bass grooves, sax and vocal samples fly are present on the biggest part of the recording including the 12-minute title track, but in the end these all sound rather insignificant, uninspired and colorless to my ears. Instead I would have loved a bit more genuine atmosphere and mood creation as featured on “In the forest of eternity”.

I imagine this move toward the modern will still please those who prefer general- melodic e-music. For me that’s not satisfactory, on “Vandisphere” (of which the physical version contains a bonus track not available on the download) I’m simply missing too much depth along emotive and cohesive content…


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