Various Artists – Passages

Various Artists - Passages

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Various Artists – Passages
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2014

With the futuristic sounding “Passages”, the French Ultimae-label adds a new chapter to their existing list of tasty and well-sorted out compilations. It’s the third compiled by Nova, aka Massimo Terranova, offering an elegant evolving inner trip through a spacious and rich flavored ambient world of glitch, minimal dub and down-tempo musings.

On the occasion, lots of new artists are offered a spot on the emotive narrative anthology to evoke today’s dichotomy in relationships and rites of passage, which to my ears feels like a journey through time and space. James Murray presents a beautiful opening with his introspective, deep melancholic “Passing through walls” while the mellow down-tempo excursions by Brando Lupi and Miktek give way to subtle motion.

It’s a pity the magic and morphing current is interrupted in the middle by the peculiar and deranged tributes of Murya and Martin Nonstatic, but it is picked up maturely as Lars Leonard and Aes Dana enter the stage. Together with the opening piece, Cell’s hypnotizing and sophisticated remix of “9980” make the highlight of “Passages” for me, although the closing tracks by Max Million and Zinovia are also molded tastefully and digested pleasantly.

Most of all, this album needs several listens to judge is value, as it has to grow sonically.

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