Vauxia Errante – Primigenia

Vauxia Errante - Primigenia

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Vauxia Errante – Primigenia
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2013

The 75-minute “Primigenia” is a highly-atmospheric piece of dark ambient art. It’s a continuous ride tapping deep in the primordial soup, in that respect connecting with Mr Errante’s “La Création du Monde” EP.

The intense spacious drone-textures unfolding and evolving slowly before the listeners ears evoke a profound subterranean and otherworldly feel while descending in and wandering through mysterious caverns and passages. The dense spheres open up slightly on “Katara”, where the elements spiral through vastness. The 23-minute “Eidotalamia” concluding the organic sounding album is haunting sonic scenery with sinister undercurrents where the mists of time hang in the air like thick masses. In the last six minutes, a symphonic-uplifting texture surfaces, hovering over distant plains.

Overall, the breath of something very ancient and some liquid structures shimmer through the leaves of “Primigenia”, for which Vauxia Errante received some help and assistance from his friend Ran Kirlian. The latter also took care of the mastering of the release.

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