Zodiac – I.C.

Zodiac - I.C.

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Zodiac – I.C.
CD, Cue Records, 1995

Let’s make a trip back in time to the period in the first half of the ‘90’s when Ron Boots ran the Dutch part of Cue Records. In 1991, Ron already gave the Dutch duo Ruud Grothauzen & Frans Ramakers, aka Zodiac, the opportunity to contribute a track to the Synteam- sampler “Land, Sea and Sky”. The band’s motto was to make original electronic music that is complex but still remains very accessible.

A few years later, they were able to release a full-length cd on Cue Records, again with the help and expertise of the same Ron Boots. The two composers had previously made and released only music on a few cassettes (e.g. “Spherics” in 1991 followed by “Spirits” in 1993).

The 73-minute outcome on “I.C.” is very versatile, taking off with melodic and sequencer-driven exercises on “Dynamic”, followed by a more mellow approach on the smooth cascading “Rhythmic”. The 30-minute “Synphonic” is the longest take on the disc, starting out quite easy-going while merging a constellation of rhythms, emotive sounds and sequencer parts during the ride. The music turns out overall lush and vibrant on the closing track “Aquatic”, the most spherical but still sequenced piece on the cd.

I suggest you give “I.C.” a try if you like to try something different and original but still accessible.

Website: www.groove.nl


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