Michael Meara – Timeworn


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Michael Meara – Timeworn
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Aural Films, 2016

When it comes to deep inner journeying, the somber and dark textural ponderings featured on Mr Meara’s dark ambient album “Timeworn” are just that. The two 20-minute explorations, created with processed guitar and synths, are slow morphing and slightly foreboding, drifting inward and descending into deep crevasses where daylight has faded long time ago while vague violin musings linger in the atmospheric background.

As the composer already remarks, headphones are required to achieve the necessary states between the real and imaginary in which states of seclusion, decay and total loneliness can’t be missed in the abstract-molded sound design of “Timeworn”.

Website: www.sonicjourney.com

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