12 Followers / Meteo Xavier – Impulse OST

12 Followers / Meteo Xavier - Impulse OST

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12 Followers / Meteo Xavier Impulse OST
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

12 Followers/Meteo Xavier is currently a one man collective, semi-professional composer operating out of East Tennessee, who got and grabbed the opportunity to contribute some music to the spacey-puzzle game “Impulse”.

The outcome is an ambient/experimental, rhythmic and sample-driven work that sure is not your (and certainly not my) average cup of tea. The technological melting pot of sounds goes in all directions, even getting abstract/experimental on “Sandsea Sanskrit” or the tribal-chaotic “d(‘-‘)m(‘-‘)m^(‘-‘)^w(‘-‘)w(‘-‘)P”.
Luckily, there are a few nicer parts such as t opener “Zin Kibaru’s Guitar” or the down-beat “Impulse Prime”, making a much more harmonious, almost chill-out impression. There’s also some in-your- face techno provided by “When You Find a Stranger in the Alps”, “A Shrine for My Mind” or “Reprise”.

The album is one weird chameleon constantly shifting colors and lacking cohesiveness, but maybe that’s exactly what a computer game soundtrack needs.

“Impulse OST” is available as free download from various digital online platforms such as Bandcamp.

Website: http://meteoxavier.bandcamp.com/album/impulse-ost


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