2814 – Birth of a New Day

2814 - Birth of a New Day


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2814 – Birth of a New Day
Lp/Mc/Digital Download, Dream Catalogue, 2015

Various random excursions into music of the vaporwave genre made me discover this (for many) classic ambient release, a sonic journey delving deep in dystopian, futurist atmospheres similar to those encountered on Blade Runner.

2814 is a project between American composers Telepath and UK-sound sculptor HKE, “Birth of a New Day” being their second release. One of the musicians is particularly interested in how concepts and suggested narratives affect the mood of the music, making the presentation of vaporwave (that´s how it´s defined by many) as important as the music itself. Moreover, it’s ambient  -defined by a mood, theme, feeling/aesthetic- using sound effects to give a much more deliberate feeling of time, place, and setting.

Well, it’s hard to describe what a world of wonders opens up while immersing in this most relaxing, overtly hypnotizing ambient dreamworld with Asian, cinematic as well as surreal flavours. I’d say it is quite easy to get lost and sucked into. This said, the American magazine Rolling Stone seems to have labeled it as “a late-night cruise through the cyber-future dream highway”. An ethereal sense, as well as a vibe of loneliness, becomes more profound on the last three tracks “True Love”, “Telepathy” and the stellar title piece.

All in all: be mesmerized by this vague, mysterious, and distant neon utopia…

Website: dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com


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