2814 – Rain Temple

2814 - Rain Temple

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2814 – Rain Temple
CD/Mc/Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Dream Catalogue, 2016

Being impressed by the duo’s “Birth of a New Day” made me search for their third album “Rain Temple”. Well, this recording proves a more intense and straightforward ambient/down-tempo release drenched in almost constant rain. It evaporates melancholy along a futuristic realm of overtly darker (as well as occasional tribalistic) tones, all blending into a sonic narrative of hope, dreams, and something undeniably dystopian.

Despite the lush, imaginary atmospheres, the 65-minute outcome didn’t evoke nor come near the magic “Birth of a New Day” was able to create. Theatrical opener “Before the Rain”, the cinematic “Eyes of the Temple” as well as the closing piece “Inside the Sphere” are exceptional though, all best cherished with headphones.

Website: dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com



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