2A – Hologram

2A - Hologram

Release data:

CD, Apoapsis Records, 2009

“Hologram” is the contemporary electronic music debut of self-taught music composer and mixing engineer Apostolos Angelis, aka 2A, who lives in Trikala, Greece.

Although referred to as fitting in the new age genre, the outcome on “Hologram” is characterized by organic analogue and digital feel, sampling technologies muted drum beats, choirs, chants, virtual & processed voices, melodic sounds and ethereal textures.
The instrumental music at times made me think of German electronics (esp. Software) but its pronounced, spatial rhythms makes it stand aside from that. In addition, there are also occasional hints of world music and some smooth vocoder vocals (“Farewell To Earth”).

In the end, “Hologram” is a curious mixed bowl of elements. Original, well produced and mastered, but also neither fish nor flesh to my ears.

“Hologram” is available in both cd and digital formats (in all major online music stores).

Website: www.apostolosangelis.com


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