A Blue Ocean Dream – The Sea

A Blue Ocean Dream - The Sea

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A Blue Ocean Dream – The Sea
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

“The Sea” is the first release of the Swedish musician Owe Emfestav, who formerly made techno-trance music with a Kraftwerk-touch.
The music itself was made with Reason 2.0 software without the use of any hardware instruments.

“The Sea” contains slight techno-trance rhythms, but handled in an atmospheric, more delicate way. This is mood music with the water and sea as core inspiration.

Although this might sound rather predictable or synthetic, it also has beautiful, laid-back moments as heard on “By the Sea or Sand”.

The structure is kept quite simple, sequence-beat/rhythm/slight melody, but the overall relaxed, dreamy feel might appeal to those in the ambient-chill-out corner.

Website: www.cdbaby.com/abod


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