A Light Beacon – Music for the Patient

A Light Beacon - Music for the Patient

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A Light Beacon – Music for the Patient
CD, Private Release, 2002

The cd-booklet of this album “Music for the Patient” contains five slightly abstract artworks made by the artist Ian Helwig who gave them to the musician with the words “Music to be interpreted”.

I personally presume this album was the outcome, which must have taken a lot of thinking, time and work of Joel Eckert, who is actually the musician behind all this. Well, trying to say something in proper word about the music is also hard to do, although I gave the disc a lot of spins in my player.

It features an original form of instrumental, rather quiet ambient music arranged in a sound collage of drone sources in which you go through various “stages”, which are interrupted by short transitions marked as Tweens #01- #08. Obvious are distinct guitar sounds next to introspective electronic sound paintings, tv/radio fragments and light rhythms.
The overall atmosphere switches in a delicate way, ranging from slightly melancholic and heavy infused to dreamy and misty.

This is an interesting encounter for those searching for calming ambient or hypnotizing “listening-music”. For a privately released disc, the overall production & sound quality is outstanding….

Website: alightbeacon.bandcamp.com


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