A.P. – Tidsmateria

A.P. – Tidsmateria  


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A.P. – Tidsmateria
CD/Digital Download, Gterma, 2022

This album was released simultaneously with David Parsons’ “Portal” in December 2022. Despite it being drifting, with minimal textural ambient, reviewing it took me quite a bit longer than I anticipated. A.P., Anders Peterson, is an accomplished sound designer, composer, and audio postproduction engineer who´s in charge of mastering almost all music for the Swedish Gterma label.

“Tidsmateria”, clocking at 78 minutes, compiles eight gradually shifting c cloud layers recordings from as far back as 2007. “Distant Radiance II” was previously only released on vinyl in 2009 while “Landmark” (Beat reduced) is an unreleased edit of a track from another 12″, the oldest of the lot, from 2007 (but the 12″ was also re-released in 2009). The brief “Landmark II” is an edit of a track from A.P’s “City Nightlights” album. “Dimensional Perception” is previously unreleased while “Noctilucent Clouds”, “Solar Radiation Ionization” and the gently swirling 14-minute “Skyscapes” are unreleased tracks versions from A.P.´s “Skyscaper” alias. The album ends with the 7-minute remix of “Noctilucent Clouds” done by A.P.’s old friend, Sanderson Dear, who runs Canadian’s Stasis Recordings. I for one would have left the latter out due to its more prominent sound design.

Check this one out if immersive, atmospheric drone ambient is up your alley.

Website: gterma.bandcamp.com



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