A Produce – A Smooth Surface (Special Edition)

A Produce - A Smooth Surface (Special Edition)

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A Produce – A Smooth Surface (Special Edition)
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

This release is a special edition of the original ep which Barry Craig put out in 1994, now containing the full 24 minute version of the title-track.

“A Smooth Surface” is best describes as tranquil and slow evolving ambient soundscape music, which absolutely pays debt to (the ambient-series of) Brian Eno.
Especially the third track “It comes in Waves” is a very nice one. Its soft, far away bell sounds and swirling guitar really carry the listener away on a blanket of dreamy textures.

As an extra, the recording contains three additional tracks:
“An Indian Surface” was a possible live backing track for other musicians based on “A Smooth Surface”. This version has a faster pace as some tabla, tambura and environmentals were added.
“Heart of the Dunes” is a live-version from 1996, while “Dwell 2” is a contemplative, soft drone-excursion. All make up for 79:50 minutes of dreamy and meditative ambient music.
All in all, absolutely something for the fans of his music.

Website: www.hypnos.com/aproduce

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