A Produce – Black Sands

A Produce - Black Sands

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A Produce – Black Sands
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

The last couple of years, quite a lot of vault and retrospective recordings have been shown up and released by various e-musicians.
The three disc set “Black Sands”, the second release of A Produce’s own Trance Port Special Editions, is a nicely packaged retrospective work exploring the ambient/trance music of Barry Craig, each disc carrying its own theme.

This expanded release spans the period 1987–2005, featuring several alternate versions, previous unreleased tracks and difficult to find music plus on the third disc an entire live concert of A Produce with guitarist Scott Fraser from 1996.
The atmospheres encountered here are of an overall quiet, introspective and sometimes even meditative nature, with only occasionally a weak spot (e.g. the rather harsh soundings of the early “Farming in Arabia”).

Overall, these nearly three hours of ambience offer a clear overview of his styles and musical achievements until now.

Website: www.hypnos.com/aproduce

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