A Produce – Inscape and Landscape

A Produce - Inscape and Landscape

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A Produce – Inscape and Landscape
CD, Private Release, 1996

First of all, the “post-processing & digital preparation” of “Inscape and Landscape” was in the capable hands of no other than Robert Rich.

A Produce’s chosen concept for the cd was “to contrast the individual’s interior with his or her exterior environment, to explore that idea in sound”. All music on the album is composed and played by A Produce, aka Barry Craig, except a session musician who contributed some e-guitar and “metal objects” on two tracks.

Well, the 68 minutes of very introspective ambient music are like a voyage into the deep. The drifting, sometimes slightly rhythmic ambient reflects a strong sense of remoteness, peace and melancholy, but there are a few foreboding, almost spooky passages as well.

To me, compared to his previous album, the music has gained more quality, from time to time still leaning towards the music of Robert Rich.

Great are e.g. the spacy “Choir of Industry” (which made me think of Michael Stearns), or the heavenly soundings of the short track “Mystic Circle” or the two-part “Dwell”.
With the latter track, the album starts and ends in a great way, but again the 16 minute part two sounds rather Robert Rich-like.

A very nice atmospheric, softly glowing and well produced ambient work.

Website: www.hypnos.com/aproduce

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