A Produce & M. Griffin – Altara

A Produce & M. Griffin - Altara

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A Produce & M. Griffin – Altara
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 1999

After quite a period of radio silence, Barry Craig (aka A Produce) re-enters the ambient stage with “Altara”, a collaborative project with Hypnos owner Mike Griffin.

Well, the music on the album follows what has become some sort of tradenmark of the label: dense, slightly macabre sound fields, leaving room for industrial sounds experimentation.

“Altara” holds five tracks of slowly unfolding dark ambient pieces with an overall adventurous impact. Especially the third track “Diffusion” is a masterful excursion featuring a hypnotic sound while entering another dimension.

The album closes with the 36 minute ambient-trip “You send me the message”, in my imagination a voyage through space where time seems to have fade away.

In all, “Altara” is an above average ambient recording visiting beautiful nether-worlds with adventurous corners and turns.

Website: www.hypnos.com

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