A Produce & Ruben Garcia – Early Sessions

A Produce & Ruben Garcia - Early Sessions

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A Produce & Ruben Garcia – Early Sessions
CD-R, Trance Port Special Editions, 2003

After many years of absence a brand new cd-r has been released on Barry Craig’s own label, Trance Port Special Editions. It features music he himself -using the A Produce pseudonym- recorded with electronics & piano-magician Ruben Garcia in the early ’90’s, and after experiencing the whole album I’m glad it came out of the vault after such a long time.

Opener “Clear Pools” and the fifth track “Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo” (both solo-recordings of Barry which appeared on former albums) actually describe what their music is all about: transparency, reflection, emotion.
A slightly tribal rhythm leads the way in “La Selva,” accompanied by drifting soundworlds on the background.
The sixth track “Indian Spirit” is also a real treat for the ear: both musicians weave slightly mystifying textures and Garcia’s additional piano-keys match beautifully. Track seven and eight feature two “takes” of the same track “The Wall of Dali”, indeed providing some surrealistic angles and twists, but all stays in a slow, dreamy way.
The last track on the album is “It Comes In Waves,” a delicate piece of music featuring soft-echoing guitar-licks and atmospheric dwellings.

This well-produced album offers some really interesting craftsmanship from way back, so those fond of both musicians and Eno/Budd should really make sure to check this one out.

Website: www.hypnos.com/aproduce

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