A Produce – Smile on the Void

A Produce - Smile on the Void

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A Produce – Smile on the Void
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2000

This is the first solo release from Barry Craig, aka A Produce, since four years (his previous album “Inscape and Landscape” came out in ’96), although 1999 saw “Altara”, a joint-release with Hypnos owner Mike Griffin.

Barry’s former trance-inducing music always held something special, but as he was working on “Smile on the Void” he became especially interested in the slow movement of sounds and how they could capture and hypnotize the listener.

The 62 minutes contained on this album prove Barry is still very skilled in constructing layered, textural soundscapes which occasionally features some ethnic percussion.

On the other hand, a track like “Visions” seems to move rather into the direction of David Parsons.
The closing track “Spirit Room” contains some great drifting textural dwellings with hold-back percussion and a bass-line which brings Patrick O’Hearn to mind, although I think the soloing e-guitar isn’t at place here.

Overall, the well produced “Smile on the Void” will fit fans of James Johnson, Robert Rich and Steve Roach.

Website: www.hypnos.com/aproduce

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