Aairria – Urbanisation

Aairria - Urbanisation

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A Produce – Urbanisation
CD, Generator.pl, 2010

Aairria (whose motto I read is the insignificance of time) is a project by the Polish ambient musician Marcin Drabot.
He already put out several minimal and longform releases through various internet labels using multiple aliases.

“Urbanisation” was previously available through his own Rain netlabel, but now has received a proper cd-release due to the efforts of the Polish Generator.Pl label.

The longform music of “Urbanisation” (which was recorded in 2003) comes in five uninterrupted parts, and is an overall atmospheric and imaginary electronic work. There are lots of grainy organic elements, effects and clicks floating around in the immersive soundscape along some slow, groovy movements and beats.

They all lend the outcome a strong organic but also otherworldly, desolate and hypnotizing feel. The latter is even emphasized by the spacious environmentals and occasional spoken phrases. “Part III”, the shortest one on the cd, is the only one I don’t like due to its strong experimental and noisy nature.

Summerizing: fans of environmental and inventive ambient music should check out the mesmerizing sonic worlds of the excellent produced environmental cityscape-soundtrack “Urbanisation”.

Website: www.aairriamusic.wordpress.com


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