Abandoned Asylum – Derelicts of Distant Hope

Abandoned Asylum - Derelicts of Distant Hope

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Abandoned Asylum – Derelicts of Distant Hope
CD, Malignant Records, 2013

Massive dark ambient drones drenched in the same sonic well as German composer Phelios. That’s what Polish artist Lukasz Czajka, aka Abandoned Asylum, brings his listeners, who should prepare for an intense 40-minute ride through nebulous, bleak textures that echo and visualize darkening vaults with industrial debris.

Nothing uplifting can be detected in these barren and remote environments, where signs of life become fainter as the shifting tonal swells making up seven tracks unfold. Only occasional monk chants, as featured on the third track, lit a small candle in these dark, hostile spheres.

If you’re looking for profound atmospheric desolation and nothingness, the inky blackness of “Derelicts of Distant Hope” will fit the bill perfectly, without immediately scaring the shit out of you. By no means my cup of tea though.



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