Abandoned Toys – The Witch’s Garden

Abandoned Toys - The Witch's Garden

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Abandoned Toys – The Witch’s Garden
CD, Mythical Records, 2007

Abandoned Toys is a one-man project of American film music composer Brett Banning. “The Witch’s Garden” contains nine tracks, of which the style shifts between new age, contemporary electronic and film music.

Containing lots of nice piano work, the music consists of haunting melodic melodies and orchestral, string and choir textures (with violin on one track), occasionally visiting surreal, darker and gothic –flavoured territory as e.g. heard in the title track.

All in all, this is 50 minutes of highly cinematic neo-classical ambient music with experimental/avant-garde and fairytale-kindred romantic edges demanding focussed listening.
Mind this impressionistic, contemporary instrumental work is not as accessible as it might seem at first glance.

Website: mythicalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-witchs-garden


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