Abbildung – At the Gates of Ouln

Abbildung - At the Gates of Ouln

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Abbildung – At the Gates of Ouln
CD, Winter-Light, 2019

Abbildung is a dark ambient project by Romanian sound artist Casian Stefan. Preceded by “All demons are horned” (2015, also on Winter-Light), “At the Gates of Ouln” is the second release of “The realm of the other dreamers”-series situated in an expansive alien space.

The narrative and cinematic outcome (the story itself is available and updated regularly on Abbildung’s website) is haunting and profound mysterious as we wander though thick veils of mist and constellations of massive, slow evolving and shapeshifting dronescapes. It’s a profound and stark mood also found in the beautiful art gracing the digi-pack. The range of dense -occasionally industrial and organic infused- freeform atmospheres and occasional monk chants sketches out the changing world of alien creatures as they perform various ritual ceremonies while in search of their actual meaning.

I imagine this sonic alchemy might feel unsettling, menacing and sinister (as this happened to me), but further listens through headphones revealed a fascinating, surreal architecture of tone poems. This applies especially to the second half of the 65-minute “At the Gates of Ouln” where the elements start elevating, reaching out to the gothic and ethereal (“Hymni Zahir”, Travellers of Eternal Spheres”) before submerging into the eerie, deep aquatic “Abyme”.



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