Above & Beyond – Flow State

Above & Beyond - Flow State


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Above & Beyond – Flow State
CD/LP/Digital Download, AnjunaBeats, 2019

What I got here is some 49 minutes of overall chilled-out, blissful (and occasionally even meditative) ambient electronics by UK’s trance trio Above & Beyond. “Flow State” though turns away from their upfront dance sound and announces something new under their umbrella.

The outcome -I would pinpoint it comfort music- was created with the goal in mind to help bring people’s attention and focus towards helping themselves find better mental fitness and overall happiness in life. Well, “Flow State’s” 17 emotive and quite thought-provoking songs are made up of simple, slow chord progressions all wandering onward smooth and subtle while they seamlessly blend in with each other. In the second half of the recording, the music grows gently more intense, making a statement with the beautiful “Flow” and “Sun in your Eyes”. This serene sonic balm is well done, and I count the emotive “Don’t leave” and “Homecoming” among my favorites on the album.

In all, “Flow State” provides a very pleasant panoramic journey to escape from the fast-paced, constantly buzzing, and often chaotic world around us and will make a busy head slow down effectively.

Website: aboveandbeyond.bandcamp.com



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